How to Be an Explorer
This year’s show includes a daylong educational opportunity specifically geared towards 1st & 4th graders, and is open to Grades 1-4. Throughout the day, students can expect to move though the Edmonton EXPO Centre and attend various interactive stations, featuring equine, beef breeds, as well as interviews with ranching professionals and animal care demonstrations.

Science 30:Livestock Genetic field study
Each fall, ranchers, cattle breeders, and beef producers from around the world attend Farmfair International to view, show and purchase genetic stock for their cattle operations.  This unique show creates an opportunity to explore this world of technology, selective breeding, and genetics.  Students will develop Punnett squares and pedigree charts involving homozygous and heterozygous individuals for each of 3 traits they observe at Farmfair International, experience first-hand a genetics trade-show, see and compare various cattle breeds up close and have an opportunities to talk with breeders and ranchers.

Registration date will be announced July 1, 2017