Date: November 10
Time: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Location: Alberta Ballroom 106

A unique opportunity for cow/calf, ewe flock and other species producer groups to educate through active participation in demonstration of novel technologies. New technologies and tools will be aimed at increasing genetic improvement for the purposes of market expansion, improved sustainability and breed promotion. For more information, please contact Northlands Agriculture.

Opportunities in Livestock – Consider Small Ruminants
Small ruminants such as sheep or goats can often provide business opportunities for livestock producers. There are many reasons to raise these animals. Whether you are looking for a new business opportunity on a small holding, expanding an existing herd or looking at integrating another species into your operations to better manage your resources, our program on November 10 will be of interest to you.

Schedule will be provided August 1, 2017

Registration will open on September 1, 2017