Date:  November 8 - 12
Time: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. (November 8 - 11)
10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (November 12)
Location: Hall F, G & H Edmonton EXPO Centre

One stop shopping experience like no other, including the Western Art Gallery, livestock & agricultural equipment, home products & decor, gift ideas and western wear all under one roof!

Ram Country Marketplace Exhibitor List

Function / Description Company Booth Number Product Description
Commercial Exhibitor
Commercial Exhibitor 1924326 Alberta (Beyond Beauty) F619 Mica Beauty Makeup and Bionyx Skincare
Commercial Exhibitor 1987812 Alberta Ltd H217 Vine Vera Skin Care Products
Commercial Exhibitor Alberta Farrier Supplies F516 Farrier Supplies
Commercial Exhibitor Alon's Sales & Consulting Ltd F415 Onsen - High End Skincare that Uses Sacred Hot Spring Minerals from Japan
Commercial Exhibitor A-Plus Promotions F217 Pro Rodeo Canada Apparel, Rodeo Tough Apparel, Pre-Packaged Fudge
Commercial Exhibitor Arbor Memorial Inc. H506 Information on Cemetery Products
Commercial Exhibitor Archibald Equine Veterinary Services Inc F002 Forge & Farrier Supplies
Commercial Exhibitor Archibald Equine Veterinary Services Inc F010 Forge & Farrier Supplies
Commercial Exhibitor Arctic Spas and Leisure Inc F234 Grillhouse
Commercial Exhibitor B Wise Contractors LTD H305 Sunrooms, Renovations, Windows & Siding
Commercial Exhibitor Bags Etc. (Decsi Ltd) F118 Western Gifts, Leather Jackets, Vest, Sunglasses, Horse related Jewelry, Purses, Wallets & Belts
Commercial Exhibitor Batten Industries Inc H104 Keramikos Kitchen
Commercial Exhibitor Batten Industries Inc H204 Humidew
Commercial Exhibitor Batten Industries Inc H233 FryAir
Commercial Exhibitor Batten Industries Inc H112 Ugo Speakers
Commercial Exhibitor Batten Industries Inc H211 Black Magic- Teeth Whitening
Commercial Exhibitor Belle Starr Boutique F007 Clothing, Cowboy Fresh, Dale Brisby, Wrangler
Commercial Exhibitor Belpard Australia Pty Ltd H218 Australian Leather Seal
Commercial Exhibitor Big Iron Drilling F410 Water Treatment Equipment
Commercial Exhibitor Brax and Charlie H129 Clothing for Baby, Kids and Women
Commercial Exhibitor BRMI Essentials Inc. F433 MyGlue, Urad leather Cream, Thentix a Touch of Honey Skin Conditioner
Commercial Exhibitor C5 Rodeo Company H234 C5 Rodeo Apparel
Commercial Exhibitor Cameron Driver Education Ltd F328 Class 1 & 3 Driver's Training, Air Brake Endorsement
Commercial Exhibitor Canada Jollystone F225 Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Watches, Mobile Accessories and Artistry Cell Phone Cases
Commercial Exhibitor Canada Leather G427 Adrian Klis Brand and More
Commercial Exhibitor Canadian Quarter Horse Association F322 Advertising Canadian Quarter Horse Association
Commercial Exhibitor Candy Land (2023622 Alberta LTD o/a Rasa Sayang) F320 Old Fashion Candy & Assorted Accessories imported from USA, UK, Japan, & Korea
Commercial Exhibitor Canwise Develop Inc H003 Cellphone Cases, Accessoires, Toys (Rubik's Cubes, Fidget Cubes & Spinners, Minions)
Commercial Exhibitor CANZ Building Products Inc. G411 CHIC exterior coating and Polysand roofing
Commercial Exhibitor CFMO Inc. F116  Custom Orthotics and BioEquine Digestive Support Supplement, BioFlex Concentrated Joint Supplement
Commercial Exhibitor Child's Play Novelties F427 Fudge and Cady Kebabs
Commercial Exhibitor Cody & Sioux F518 Western Goods and Apparel
Commercial Exhibitor Costco Wholesale Canada F412 Costco Membership Sales
Commercial Exhibitor Cowgirl Finesse H330 Western Accessories, Tack and Clothing
Commercial Exhibitor Crafts of Tibet F509 Hand Beaded Jewelry, Artifacts, Yak Woolen Shawls & Singing Bowels from Tibet
Commercial Exhibitor Cutco Cutlery G002 Kitchen Knives & Outdoor Knives
Commercial Exhibitor Dave's Press H431 Books and Cd's
Commercial Exhibitor Dazzle Tea/ Modere F134 Loose Leaf Premium Teas and Modere all Clean Living Products: non toxic, no parabens, etc. of skincare, hair shampoos and masks, body products such as deodorants, lotions, plus mouth rinse and toothpaste, men's care, household care such as laundry soaps, dishwasher packs, collagen sciences which has biocell for collagen for cartilage, for people, pets, and equine, weight loss
Commercial Exhibitor Dermalactives (SynVix Investments Inc) F306 Dermalactives Skin Care Line
Commercial Exhibitor Dyne Industries F429 Rubber Tracks
Commercial Exhibitor DZT Vibe Spa F405 DZT Ultra Vibe Machine
Commercial Exhibitor Energy Equine LTD H317 Core Balance & Canpressco, Biogel and Biowash from Anjon Animal Health
Commercial Exhibitor Epicure H331 Spice Blends, Teas, Hot Chocolates, Kitchen Utensils, Cookware Pieces Including: Silicone and Pots, Pans, Tea Pots and Coffee Pots
Commercial Exhibitor Executive Jewels F522 Jewellery, Magnetic jewellery and Wraps, Purses, Belts, Boots, Bella Amore, Leather and Denim Jackets, Accessories, Perfect Petzzz, Cool Ties and Towelsm Phone Chargers, Clothing and Leggings
Commercial Exhibitor FBC- Farm Business Consultants F334 Tax consultation and preparation services for farmers and small business owners
Commercial Exhibitor Fifth Avenue Collection F431 Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry
Commercial Exhibitor GearHalo H127 GearHalo Deodorizer- #1 Killer of Sport-Stink
Commercial Exhibitor Glasses to Go H512 Eye Glasses and Sunglasses
Commercial Exhibitor Golden Arches Orthotics and Wellness Ltd. F605 Custom Orthotics and Foot Levelers
Commercial Exhibitor Goodon Industries Ltd. H311 Post Frame Buildings
Commercial Exhibitor Green Tea Hawaii H326 Boxed Green Tea Hawaii
Commercial Exhibitor GreyWolf Twisted Wire Metal Art F310 Metal Art Display
Commercial Exhibitor H&R Block Canada H328 Farm Taxes
Commercial Exhibitor Hat Doctor (1885937 Alberta Ltd) G327 100% Beaver Custom made Cowboy Hots and Accessories
Commercial Exhibitor Heat Innovations Inc. G334 Floor Heating Systems
Commercial Exhibitor Hickman Saddlery Ltd H010 Custom Saddles all Equine Products for Horses
Commercial Exhibitor Hidden Haven Ranch H126 Vocal Clothing, Montana West Clothing, Cowboy hats, Bling Caps, Leather Jacket and Vest, Trinket Boxes, Homemade Soaps, Bath Melts and Bombs, Semi Precious Gemstone and Swarovski Jewelry
Commercial Exhibitor Highlands International G330 Clothing, Christmas Ornaments & Jewelry
Commercial Exhibitor Hi-Hog Farm and Ranch Equipment Ltd H322 Hi-Hog Livestock Equipment
Commercial Exhibitor Homestead Aerial Photos H206 Aerial Photos Dating back to the 1950's of Alberta Farms
Commercial Exhibitor Inner Energy Health and Wellness G425 Inner Energy
Commercial Exhibitor Inner Energy Health and Wellness F006 Valentus- Health Beverages; Weight Loss Coffee
Commercial Exhibitor Integrated Solutions F505 Rural TV & Internet
Commercial Exhibitor Integrity Post Structures Ltd G326 Sale and Quoting of Post-Frame buildings
Commercial Exhibitor Intelliconn Communication Solutions H503 Intelliconn increases profitability, safety, and security through better wireless Internet access, remote monitoring and control of property, facilities, and stored commodities
Commercial Exhibitor Interlock Industries Alberta Ltd F230 Aluminum Metal Roofing Products
Commercial Exhibitor Irvine Tack & Western Wear F426 Saddles, Tack, Western Wear, Boots
Commercial Exhibitor ISupply Stock Inc H429 Otter Boxes, Tv Boxes, Phone Accessories, Phone Screens and Replacement Parts
Commercial Exhibitor Jandel Homes Ltd F406 Information on Modular Homes
Commercial Exhibitor Jones Boys Saddlery & Western Wear F117 Western Wear, Cowboy Hats and Cowboy Boots
Commercial Exhibitor Jones Boys Saddlery & Western Wear F1 Western Wear, Cowboy Hats and Cowboy Boots
Commercial Exhibitor Kactus F113 Canvas Jackets, Canvas Vests, Wool Vests, Fancy Vests, Wax Jackets (Waterproof), Wax Vests (Waterproof)
Commercial Exhibitor Lammle's/ Karman Inc. G415 Roper, Stetson, Tin Haul
Commercial Exhibitor Leather Better F122 Leather Conditioner
Commercial Exhibitor Leather Better G003 Leather Conditioner
Commercial Exhibitor Legal Alfalfa Products F009 ALFATEC Products
Commercial Exhibitor Lily Silk Art H133 Leggings
Commercial Exhibitor Lizwoerks Sales Inc F318 Bedsheets and Duvet Covers
Commercial Exhibitor Lozman Canada Inc. F419 Pure Strenghth Jewelry
Commercial Exhibitor Lozman Canada Inc. F222 Cooling Towels and Heat in Click
Commercial Exhibitor Lozman Canada Inc. F216 Golden Eagle Toys
Commercial Exhibitor Mazels Products H321 Mazel Beauty Hair Brush Straighteners and Aroma Skin Care Products
Commercial Exhibitor McNiven Ranch Supply Ltd H106 Hansbo Sport, Equus Physio & Licensed Heartland Merchandise
Commercial Exhibitor Mr. Jerky H329 Jerky
Commercial Exhibitor Natural Beauty Holdings Inc. F227 Evalectric Hair Straighteners, Moroccan Oil and Health & Beauty Hair Products
Commercial Exhibitor Norwex H333 Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products
Commercial Exhibitor Ocean Sales Ltd F005 Create A Road Toy
Commercial Exhibitor Ocean Sales Ltd F326 Quattromed Massager
Commercial Exhibitor Ocean Sales Ltd F504 Bamboo Pillows
Commercial Exhibitor Ocean Sales Ltd F506 Smart Living Soup Maker
Commercial Exhibitor Ocean Sales Ltd F615 Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter
Commercial Exhibitor Ocean Sales Ltd G331 Smart Living Steam Mop Plus
Commercial Exhibitor Ocean Sales Ltd H001 MaxBurn Fitness Plate
Commercial Exhibitor Ocean Sales Ltd H116 Smart Living Eye Massager
Commercial Exhibitor Ocean Sales Ltd H134 Flat Stacks Food Containers
Commercial Exhibitor Ocean Sales Ltd H203 AquaBLADE Window Cleaner
Commercial Exhibitor Ocean Sales Ltd H303 The Perfect Wine Opener Kit
Commercial Exhibitor Ocean Sales Ltd H132 TBA
Commercial Exhibitor Old Hippy Wood Products F226 Solid Wood Furniture
Commercial Exhibitor Old Strathcona Antique Mall H220 Pendleton Blankets and Products
Commercial Exhibitor Ontra Sales H125 Neon Signs, Clocks and Metal Signs
Commercial Exhibitor Original Energy Sales H508 PYT Hair Heated Hair Brush and Wireless Hair Straighter, Perfectico Zero Gravity Skin Tightening and anti ageing machine
Commercial Exhibitor Panhadle Traders F001 Western Tack, Jewellry and Home Decor
Commercial Exhibitor Polar Ray-O-Max Windows F329 Windows and Doors
Commercial Exhibitor Queen City Belts & Buckles H209 Leather Belts, Belt Buckles; Bolo Ties; Key Chains, Wallets, Gloves
Commercial Exhibitor Redfern Enterprises Ltd H008 Neat Seat/ Phone Cord
Commercial Exhibitor Redfern Enterprises Ltd H007 Massager- Back, Neck Feet
Commercial Exhibitor Redfern Enterprises Ltd F503 ShowerMe Showerheads
Commercial Exhibitor Redfern Enterprises Ltd F404 GT3000 Air Cleaner or Mop
Commercial Exhibitor Redfern Enterprises Ltd G006 Veito Heaters
Commercial Exhibitor Redfern Enterprises Ltd F304 Panasonic Massage Chairs
Commercial Exhibitor Redfern Enterprises Ltd F603 Hand Vac
Commercial Exhibitor Redfern Enterprises Ltd F011 Telescopic Ladder
Commercial Exhibitor Redfern Enterprises Ltd F012 Garment Steamer/Iron or Sweeper
Commercial Exhibitor Reedhein and Associates H118 Timeshare Exit Strategy
Commercial Exhibitor Rostech Electronics H212 Wireless Security Cameras
Commercial Exhibitor Scentsy H128 Warmers, Holiday Warmers, Christmas Decor, Scentsy Bars, Scentsy Diffusers, Scentsy Go, Scent Paks, Scent Circle, Room Sprays, Scentsy Clean (Dish Soap/Counter Cleaner), Scentsy Buddies, & Natural/Essential Oils
Commercial Exhibitor SCSR Systems Inc G434 Gerard Roofing Products, Metal-works Steel Roofing, Windows, Royal Crest Vinyl Sidings
Commercial Exhibitor Select Holidays H006 Agriculture Farm Tours Worldwide
Commercial Exhibitor Sergio Lub Canada F111 Copper, Magnetic Bracelets
Commercial Exhibitor Shes Does Create H110 Handmade Jewellery and Accessories
Commercial Exhibitor Signature Collection Jewellery & RBE Country Expressions H425 Signature Collection Jewellery & RBE Country Expressions: Wine Barrel Home Décor, Clocks & Candle Holders, Cowboy/Cowgirl Towel Gift Sets, Kitchen Cutting Boards, Tissue Boxes
Commercial Exhibitor Solemate International H210 Reflexology Machine Foot Massagers Heated Insoles Orthotics
Commercial Exhibitor Soul Trendz Boutique G329 Women's Clothing & Apparel: Grace and Lace, La Vida, Trend Notes, Trendy Cowgirl (Purses) & Miracle Berry
Commercial Exhibitor Spirits of the Creek G004 Pottery, Jewellery and Giftware
Commercial Exhibitor Foundation G332 Fundraising memberships, Free Bully Reporting App Promotion, Annual Ride for Bully Awareness Promotion, 14th Motorcycle Give Away and Membership Fundraiser
Commercial Exhibitor Sundance Canada F126 Native and Western Art, Jewellery, Wool sweaters by Ark, Kyber, Buffalo Imports and Rocky Mountain Outfitters
Commercial Exhibitor Sweets by the Creek H433 Flavour Honey Spread and Beeswax Candles
Commercial Exhibitor The Alternative Univserse G328 Psychic Readings
Commercial Exhibitor The Cowboy's Cellar G303 Painted Ponies, Western Christmas Ornaments, Western Clothing and Accessories, Lazy Ones Pajamas and Accessories, Slippers, Farm Hoppers, Western Home Décor, Rhonda Stark Jackets, Kids Cowboy Hats
Commercial Exhibitor The Cowboys Choice F416 Custom Hats, Western Boots, Clothing, Accessories and Tack
Commercial Exhibitor Tie Boss H216 Worlds Easiest Tie Down-Tie Boss
Commercial Exhibitor Titanium Exclusive Cookware Inc. F316 Titanium Coated Cookware
Commercial Exhibitor Top Spray F132 Animal Bedding - Post Peelings, Shavings and Sawdust
Commercial Exhibitor Traceability in Alberta H222 Information booth on Livestock Traceability in Alberta
Commercial Exhibitor Trusted Dispatch F232 Big or small use this App to haul it all! Whether your load is small enough to fit in a car or the load weighs up to 80,000 lbs requiring a semi truck and trailer, you can ship it using the Trusted Dispatch APP. The drivers make extra revenue and the shipper saves on their transport cost. Additionally, reducing emissions, road use and environmental impact.
Commercial Exhibitor TTC Motorsports F330 Kids Dirt Bikes, ATV's, Dune Buggies and Helmets
Commercial Exhibitor Tupperware G325 Tupperware - Food Storage and Home Organization
Commercial Exhibitor URKU F231 Urku Handmade jackets & Ponchos
Commercial Exhibitor Utilities Consumer Advocate (Alberta Government) F229 The Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) educates, mediates and advocates on behalf of utilities consumers in Alberta.
Commercial Exhibitor VisionWerx-SpaBerry F219 SpaBerry Personal Luxury 2 Person Spas
Commercial Exhibitor Watkins H315 Watkins Quality Products
Commercial Exhibitor Welsh's Cowtown F510 Western Apparel and Footwear
Commercial Exhibitor Western Outfitters (1037360 BC Ltd) H226 Western Tack by Schulz Equine Originals (our brand), Mountain West Boots, Purses & Wallets
Commercial Exhibitor Western Varieties Wholesale Inc. H309 Pedndleton Blankets, Western Style Clothing, Blankets and Gifts
Commercial Exhibitor World of Spas G311 Hot Tub, Gazebo, Hot Tub Accessories
Commercial Exhibitor Zizi's Place Inc H004 Vocal Clothing and Accessories
Corporate Partner
Corporate Partner Alberta Motor Association H227 Got a teen who’s nervous about driving? Do you want to brush up on your merging skills? The Roadbot (Driving Simulator) allows students to practice a range of driving maneuvers in a safe and controlled environment – like driving on a highway, merging in heavy traffic or safely navigating a snow storm. Driver Education team will be on-site to guide members through the simulations, provide tips to increase your confidence behind the wheel, and answer any questions about our driver training programs for new, experienced or senior drivers.
Corporate Partner Back on Track H316 Welltex Innovation: Dog, Human and Horse
Corporate Partner Lammle's Western Wear & Tack H416 Western Wear, Accessories, Boots & Tack
Corporate Partner Martin Deerline Equipment (MMD Sales Ltd.) H304 MD Equipment, Christmas giftware, Toys, Wearables, Hats & Key Chains
Corporate Partner Noble Outfitters Canada Ltd G001 Noble Outfitters Products: Men’s & Women’s Apparel –Shirts, Pants, Outerwear, Western & Rubber Boots, Bags (Totes, Garment Bags, Boot Bags etc), Tools (wavefork, Knives (not Kitchen Knives), Hoofpick etc) Belts, Scarves, Bracelets, Equinessential Tote and Biosecurity Wash
Corporate Partner RAM F104 RAM Information Booth
Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage Deli Coffee H332  Cappuccino Latte Americano Mocha Espresso Chai Latte BREW Hot Chocolate and Hot Coffee Iced Coffee-Cappuccino-Latte Iced Chai Espresso with Ice Cream Coke Soft Drinks & Water
Food and Beverage Grillbilly's Smokehouse BBQ G2 BBQ Food and Coke Beverages
Food and Beverage Jackie O's G3 Gourmet Mini Donuts, Original Mini Donuts, Coke Beverages and Coffee
Food and Beverage Kastleen Enterprises H510 Sausages, Strudels, Pepperoni, Hot Dogs, Coke Pop and Water
Food and Beverage PartyKing Food Truck G1 Burgers, Hot Dogs, Wings, Wraps, Panini, Fries, Nacho's and Cheese, Coke Beverages, Coffee and Tea
Food and Beverage Poutine World (Ital Canadian Ltd) G4 Poutine and Coke Beverages
Food and Beverage Prairie Concessions F003 Mini Donuts, Jumbo Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Nachos, Pretzels, Popcorn, Floss, Coke Beverages & Coffee
Food and Beverage Stevie O's Concessions F511 Fudge, Candy Apples, Caramel Apples, Hotdogs, Corn dogs, Smokies, Coke Beverages & Coffee
Food and Beverage Stevie O's Concessions H120 Fudge, Candy Apples, Caramel Apples, Hotdogs, Corn dogs, Smokies, Coke Beverages & Coffee
Livestock Equipment
Livestock Equipment Cross Heels Roping Machines F3 Roping Machines, Calf Catchers
Livestock Equipment Huber Ag Equipment Ltd F4  3 in 1 Feeders, Stockman's Choice, HayBoss, Combi Camp, Jug Waterers
Livestock Equipment JT Heritage Sales and Service Inc G6 Livestock and Horse Trailers
Livestock Equipment Lewis Cattle Oiler (Alberta) Ltd F2 New Designed Cattle Oiler and Livestock Waterer
Livestock Equipment Lewis Cattle Olier F5 Lewis Cattle Olier
Livestock Equipment Rafter DM Trailer Sales Inc G5 Platinum Coach & Twister Trailers
Western Art Gallery
Western Art Gallery Alberta Cinch G121 Custom Mohair Cinches
Western Art Gallery All About Wine & Décor G226 Wine Barrel Furniture, Wine Candleholders, Glassware, Wood Signs, Wine Stave Signs, Carved Artwork, Wine Coolers (for wine)
Western Art Gallery Alpaca and Natural Fibers G117 Alpaca Sweaters Blankets, Hats, Scarves
Western Art Gallery Ash Cooper Art and Ranch Gallery G127 Ash Cooper Western Art Work
Western Art Gallery Brett Heidi Fine Art G205 Original Art, Art Prints, Art Cards
Western Art Gallery Day One Art & Apparel G233 Original Art and Paintings
Western Art Gallery Dusty Star Customs G132 Custom Handmade Furniture and Decor with Western Flair
Western Art Gallery Gail's Gallery & Artist Supply Ltd. G206 Original Art Work by Gail Adams
Western Art Gallery Holt Fine Art G106 Original Western Themed Artwork by Brad Holt
Western Art Gallery J2 Studios Inc. G118 Photography & Accessories
Western Art Gallery Jason McKenzie Custom Made Saddles G215 Custom Hand-Made Western Saddles and Tack
Western Art Gallery Jensen Silver G111 Hand-made Silver and Gold Jewelry
Western Art Gallery Kim Penner Equine Art G109 Original Paintings, Limited Edition Canvas Gicle'es, Art Calendars and other Gift Items
Western Art Gallery Lorna's Chap Shop G115 Handmade Chaps, Chinks, Harness leather Reins, Halter Shanks, Daytimer Covers, Knife Holders, Christmas Stockings, Nosebands. Rope, Web Halters and Conchos
Western Art Gallery Martha Campiou Cree Crafts G232 Aboriginal Arts & Crafts
Western Art Gallery McRae Silver G209 Custom Made One of a Kind Bright Cut Engraved Western Jewellery, Handmade Western Leather Goods, Purses and Belts, Silk Wild Rags and Western Paintings
Western Art Gallery Megan K Irvine G217 Winslow Rowe Jewelry, Dream Catchers, Art & Clothing
Western Art Gallery My Hands Gallery G231 Original Art Work and Paintings
Western Art Gallery O'Brien Photography G105 Matted Prints and Wall Art, Photography Art Cards
Western Art Gallery Pure Essentials Inc G218 Handmade in Edmonton: Natural Beauty Care Products and Essential Oils. Includes: Facial Care, Pregnancy and Baby, Men's, Hair, Pet, Deodorants, Body Care, Essential Oil Rollers, Spray, Blends and Pure Essential Oils
Western Art Gallery Redneck Roxie G221 Handmade Coasters, Rustic/Antiqued Signs and Wall Mounted Bottle Openers on Wood
Western Art Gallery Rose Point Farms G128 Handmade Leather/Wood Picture Frames and Home Décor
Western Art Gallery Silver Stetson Gallery G125 Custom Western Furniture and Art
Western Art Gallery Soul of Canada G225 Framed History Products, 2018 Calendars, Aboriginal Material
Western Art Gallery Tanner Young Publishing G219 Magazine Subscriptions and Merchandise
Western Art Gallery Taylor's Creations G112 Fine Art Originals, Giclee and Paper Prints, Cards

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Western Art Gallery

Date: November 8 - 12 Time: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. (November 8 - 11) 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (November 12) Location: Hall G, Edmonton EXPO Centre

The Western Art Gallery will feature artists and artisans demonstrating their original works, including two and three dimensional designs, as well as hand made products.

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