Meet the Authors

November 6, 2019

Stop by the Winter Marketplace in Hall E on Sunday, Nov 10 to meet the authors of tawâw: Progressive Indigenous Cuisine from noon to 1 p.m.

ALUS Partnerships for Healthier Landscapes

October 23, 2019

Speaker: Rhonda King ALUS Canada leverages the funding provided by partnerships with individuals, governments, foundations and corporations where it can have the greatest real-world impact for the environment: by investing it in farmers and ranchers who are the stewards of … Read More »

Are Grasslands Part of the Cure for Climate Change?

This session will review the issue of rising atmospheric CO2 levels and discuss the role of grasslands in storing carbon, particularly in relation to alternative land uses, including crop agriculture. Presented by Dr. Edward Bork.

Agriculture Tourism

Learn and listen from some of Alberta’s Agriculture professionals on how they implemented agritourism experiences to create further awareness of their farm, educate visitors on their industry, and diversify their income source.

Farm Values

Speaker: Leigh Anderson, presented by FCC

LandView Drones

Many farmers and ranchers are now actively using drones as part of their daily operations. Markus Weber from LandView Drones will give examples of how they are used to save time and money.

Tough Enough to Talk About It

October 22, 2019

The presentation looks at ways to recognize the signs of stress, burnout and depression. We explore how stress and mental health problems can impact safety on the farm. Presented by Neil Harris.

Succession Planning

This presentation focuses on economics, processes, and common tools of family farm transition. You’ll get practical advice on getting started with your family’s plan. Presented by Joel Bokenfohr.

Farm Business Planning and facing Financial Challenges

This presentation will be useful for people wanting to prepare scenarios for expansion or diversification of their operations, adding new debt for any reason or addressing financial challenges. Session by Art Lange.

Predation of Livestock

This session will focus on trappers and livestock producers working together to deal with predation problems throughout the province. Presented by Ross Hinter.