Date: Wednesday, Nov 6
Time: 1 - 2 p.m.
Location: Learning Centre (Garden court outside of Hall B)

Speaker: Rhonda King

ALUS Canada leverages the funding provided by partnerships with individuals, governments, foundations and corporations where it can have the greatest real-world impact for the environment: by investing it in farmers and ranchers who are the stewards of Canada’s working landscape. ALUS works by putting projects on the ground.

Rhonda King Bio: is the Western Lead for ALUS Canada, where she is the liaison between ALUS Canada and rural partnerships in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. She spent 13 years as the Financial Manager for a rural Alberta municipality and 9 years as the Chief Administrative Officer. In 2010 the ALUS program was adopted by the municipality, becoming the first in Alberta to provide producers with payments for ecosystem services. She helped pilot a Municipal Wetland Mitigation Agent project in Alberta. Rhonda is a strong supporter of rural communities and the Agriculture sector. She was raised on a mixed farm (cattle and grain) in northern Alberta and is now based out of the Lloydminster area.