Date: Friday, Nov 8
Time: Preview at 9 a.m., Sale at 3:30 p.m.
Location: Hall D, Edmonton EXPO Centre
Entry Information:
Cost of Entry: $250
Stall Cost: Included in entry
Days: Thursday/Friday (Hall A stalls)
Entry Deadline: Oct 1, 2019

Bloodstock is a premier horse sale that brings together some of the top bloodlines in the industry and is a high calibre auction and a prime marketing opportunity for horse breeders. Northlands gathers bloodstock from across Canada for this performance horse auction. This year’s Bloodstock sale will be limited to 20 yearlings, two year olds and three year olds.

In 2011 we had our first Bloodstock Sale, and the vision for that event was to develop a premiere sale for the purpose of marketing premium equine genetics, providing breeders with a select sale opportunity and buyers an opportunity to source great horses in one location.

We are now entering into the 8th sale and have refined the program quite significantly and here are the highlights how the program works:

  • The sale is open to quality yearlings, two year old and three year old horses of saddle type.
  • Horses that enter the sale and go through the ring are eligible to return for added incentives at Farmfair International equine events in subsequent years.
  • As four and five year olds they can compete in the Northlands Barrel Racing Futurity, and the Canadian National Team Roping Futurity.
  • The 2016 available purse was $10,000, split: $5,000 to the Barrel Racing Futurity and $5,000 to the Canadian National Team Roping Futurity.
  • The eligibility transfers with the horse, so even if you have sold a horse that horse is still eligible with its new owner.

2018 Bloodstock Sale results – visit here

The Sale Catalogue is available on

Bloodstock Sale will be first, followed by the Ranch Horse Sale.

Northlands Bloodstock Sale Incentive

Any horse that goes through the sale ring (including those that do not meet their reserve bid and are passed) at the Bloodstock Sale at Farmfair International is then eligible to return to the Northlands Barrel Racing Futurity, the Canadian National Team Roping Futurity, and the Snaffle Bit Futurity as four or five year olds.

Returning horses will compete for a $10,000 Incentive, which will be awarded in the following fashion:

  • Horses must compete and not be disqualified in their respective events.
  • If only one horse returns and competes it is eligible for the entire purse.
  • If there is a returning horses in both the Barrel Racing, the Team Roping and the Snaffle Bit the $10, 000 will be divided evenly. (example 2 horses in team roping, 1 horse in barrel racing, and one horse in Snaffle Bit, 50% towards Team Roping, 24% towards Barrel Racing, and 24% towards Snaffle Bit.)
  • If there are multiple returning horses in each event, the money will be divided on a percentage scale, as listed below:
    • Two horses per event: 100% goes to this highest placing horse.
    • Three horses: 60% to the highest placing horse, 40% to the next highest placing horse.
    • Will pay a maximum of 3 holes in each event.
    • If there are no returning horses in a given year, the $10,000 does not roll over to the next year.
    • Horses are only eligible for the incentive money once per Event. (Example: Horse A can compete in 2018 as a 4 year old in the Snaffle Bit, and then can come back in 2019 as a 5 year old and compete in the Team Roping. A Horse is NOT eligible to compete 2 years in the same event.