Date: Wednesday & Thursday, Nov 6 - 7
Time: 2 - 3 p.m. (Wed);
11 a.m. - noon (Thur)
Location: Learning Centre (Garden court outside of Hall B)

Speaker: Art Lange, PAg CAFA

This presentation will be useful for people that want to prepare scenarios for expansion or diversification of their operations, adding new debt for any reason or addressing financial challenges. Before you engage in any new venture or business restructuring you should run some scenarios. Firstly, to convince yourself that it is doable for you and the rest of your family or company so be sure to include them. Secondly, a well prepared financial plan will be an asset any time you are going to a lender for financing.

This year the harvest has again been difficult and along with low grain prices, some farmers may be feeling a financial pinch. So when your financial situation is starting to look shaky what do you do, who can you turn to and what are your options? In this presentation Art will offer some ways and means that can be helpful. Start by addressing the problem sooner rather than later. A well-prepared recovery plan that shows how you will address your dilemma will be a great help. As part of that plan you might have to make some changes in your operation. Art will present these and other options that he has used and helped farmers with over his 15 years of being a farm business consultant.

Art Lange - Farm Business Planning Session - Farmfair International 2019 Art Lange Bio: Art has worked in the Alberta agricultural industry for many years. He is a city boy that got “countrified.” He worked on several farms and after high school earned a B.Sc (Ag) from the University of Alberta. After that he worked for private industry (twice), the federal and provincial governments. For the last 15 years he has been an independent farm business consultant preparing farm business and succession plans. He has prepared about 250 plans over that time and is able to help farmers and ranchers with financial planning. He is also in contact with other advisors such as accountants, lawyers and lenders that may be helpful to address situations on a holistic basis.

Presented by
Farm Credit Canada