More than 20 Alberta delegates to attend outbound mission in Durango, Mexico

EDMONTON, AB – Northlands is pleased to announce the 2015 outbound trade and investment mission to Durango, Mexico from October 18-22, 2015. More than 20 Canadian delegates will attend five days of the World Angus Secretariat, allowing Alberta producers to connect with Angus producers from a variety of international cattle markets.

“Northlands is committed to showcasing Alberta’s agriculture industry as a leader on the world’s stage,” said Heather Shewchuk, Director of Agriculture at Northlands. “Our goal as an agriculture society is to provide opportunities for event exhibitors and producers to connect with the international agriculture market,” said Shewchuk. “The outbound mission to Durango will allow Farmfair International exhibitors and Alberta producers the ability to market their quality products internationally and further the success of the industry as a whole.”

From October 18-22, Northlands will host the outbound mission during the Durango portion of the World Angus Secretariat itinerary, which includes the formal Angus event program, the Recinto Ferial Exposition livestock show and visits to key farms in the region.

The delegates are comprised of Alberta based Farmfair International Exhibitors and Canadian Angus Association members.

About the World Angus Secretariat
Established in 1969, the World Angus Secretariat was created to facilitate business development and the exchange of information between the various Angus Societies/Associations in the world. Held every two years, the event allows producers to connect with Angus producers from all major international cattle markets. Since its foundation, the World Angus Secretariat has provided a forum in which members can share information on issues affecting the Angus breed on a national and international level.

About Farmfair International
Every fall, nearly 90,000 farmers, ranchers and beef producers leave the farm to make the journey to Edmonton for Farmfair International at Northlands. Since November 2010, Farmfair International has been a contributing partner to millions of dollars in cattle and genetics tracked sales across 10 breeds to 11 countries. With more than 522,000 square feet of western entertainment including beefed-up cattle shows and sales, international buyers and RAM Country Marketplace, Farmfair International is definitely worth the trip.