Sixteen working ranches from across Western Canada will compete for top honours in the 14th Annual Heritage Ranch Rodeo. Traditional ranching methods—originally developed many years ago and still used today—will be transformed into exciting events that demonstrate the lifestyle and skills associated with the cattle ranching industry. Please stay tuned for details regarding dates and times.

These events include:

  • Wild Cow Milking - a four man timed event representing how to rope a cow in the middle of pasture to help a calf drink.
  • Team Sorting - a four man timed event where cattle must be sorted and penned.
  • Team Branding - a four man timed event where a calf must be roped and branded.
  • Team Doctoring - a four man timed event representing how to rope and treat a sick animal in the pasture.
  • Wild Horse Race - a three man timed event where competitors must rope a horse then properly saddle it and race opponents across the finish line.
  • Bronc Riding - a judged event where the contestant must ride a bucking horse for as long as they can for a maximum of eight seconds. Points will be awarded for the difficulty of the horse and also for the degree of aggressiveness, control, and exposure demonstrated by the rider.

For inquiries, please contact Northlands Agriculture by email or phone at 1.780.471.7300

Heritage Ranch Rodeo Forms

Applications will open June 15, 2018.