EDMONTON, AB – Northlands and the Bank of Montreal (BMO) are teaming up for the 50th year of the BMO Farm Family Award, where we recognize family-run farming operations throughout Alberta for their outstanding contributions to agriculture and their community.

Over 20 Counties in Alberta have the opportunity to nominate those families that make the Alberta agriculture industry shine.

The Northern and Central Agricultural Service Boards select outstanding families who best represent values of the family farm within their rural community. The award honours both their farming business practices and community involvement. Winners receive a commemorative gate sign and are honoured at the BMO Farm Family Awards Gala at Farmfair International on Saturday, November 10.

“Northlands is a proud supporter of Alberta’s agriculture industry as it is a key economic driver that keeps this province prosperous and our communities strong,” said Kevin Gunderman, Interim President and CEO, Northlands. “The families that have received this award in the past have all been vital contributors to their local community and we are so grateful for the work they do.”

The Counties have until June 1 to make their nomination. Each municipality is responsible for their own nomination process.