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Farmfair International 2022

Rules and Regulations

A. Interpretation & Administration of Rules and Regulations

  • For the purposes of the general rules and regulations:“Farmfair International” shall mean Explore Edmonton Corporation its directors, employees, agents, officials and officers.“Exhibitor” means any breeder, operation or entity which owns and presents animals or products either for official placing buy judge of for display and/ or sale to the public.

    “Participant(s)” means the exhibitor(s), owner(s), competitor(s), their agent(s), and/ or representative(s).

  • By submitting an application entry, Exhibitors and Participants agree to comply with all the Farmfair International rules and regulations and all association sanctioned show and sale rules set forth.
  • Farmfair International reserves the right to itself to interpret these rules and regulations and to fairly and impartially settle and determine all matters, questions and differences in regard thereto or otherwise arising out of or connected with or incident to Farmfair International, and the right to amend or add to the rules and regulations as it deems appropriate. A participant who violates any of the following rules and regulations will be subject to such penalties as Farmfair International may order and such other penalties as prescribed by law.
  • Special rules and regulations or conditions are published in each section of the individual prize list and entry forms where necessary. Ensure you are familiar with all rules and regulations.

B. General

  • Indemnity
    The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Farmfair International from any claims, losses, damages, liabilities, and expenses (including legal fees and expenses on a solicitor and own client basis) arising out of, or in any way incidental to, the exhibitor’s operation, except those occurring by reason of Farmfair International sole negligence. This provision shall survive the termination or expiration of the agreement.
  • Cancellation/ Postponement of Shows
    Farmfair International reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change the location of any show for any reason without being liable for compensation. Every effort will be used to notify the exhibitor if the show is cancelled.
  • Insurance
    Farmfair International highly recommends every exhibitor carry a commercial Liability Insurance program, covering liability for bodily injury, personal injury, death and property damage while on Farmfair International sites.Farmfair International in no way assumes liability for any loss, damage or injury (including death) that may result from participating in Farmfair International 2022.

C. Entries

  • Ownership
    At the time of submitting the entry form, the Exhibitor named must be the registered owner of each animal listed on that entry form. The breeder of the animal will be the person(s) recorded as such on the registration certificate. An animal owned jointly by more than one individual, firm or institution must be registered in the names of the joint owners. In the event that one of the joint owners is the breeder of the animal, the animal may be entered in a group class requiring bred and owned. Animals jointly owned must specify owners on the entry forms under additional owners. All animals showing in a purebred show must be registered with their association. Registration papers will be checked.
  • Entry Fee Information
    All entry fees are payable in Canadian funds to Farmfair International and must be delivered with the entry form before the entry closing date. Entries received without entry fee may be returned to the entrant. Entry fees are considered non-refundable after the entry closing date. There will be $25 charge on all NSF cheques. GST will be added to all applicable entry fees at 5%, unless otherwise noted.
  • Entry Fees
    Refer to the entry fees section included in the show prize list.
  • Stall & Tie-Out Space
    We are continuing our program of selling stall space by the panel. All entries must have stall space which can be purchased as noted below. Please note: All animals are required to tie-out.

    • 10-foot Panels (2.5 head max each panel)            $150 / Panel
    • ½ panel                                                                  $75 / ½ Panel
    • Tie-Out Fee                                                            $15 / Head
  • Entry Deadline
    Refer to the Show Prize List and entry deadline information. Entries will close at 11:59 pm (MST) on deadline date.
  • Entries
    Entries are only available online. Payment must be made by credit card at the time of entry.
    If you require support for Online Entries, contact
  • Late Entries
    Entries received after the posted entry deadlines will be accepted at the show management’s discretion. Entries processed after the deadline will be subject to a late fee.
  • Refund of Entry Fees
    Entry fees will not be refunded except in cases where entries are cancelled before the entry deadline. All cancellations must be received in writing before the entry deadline is closed. In cases of extreme extraordinary circumstances, Farmfair International Show Management will review and make a decision regarding refunds.
  • Errors and Omissions
    Farmfair International will not be held responsible for any errors contained in the original entry form. Reasonable efforts will be made by entry office staff to contact exhibitors prior to the applicable entry closing date should any errors or omissions be identified.
  • Refusal of Entries
    Farmfair International reserves the right to refuse any entry for any reason and to return the applicable entry fee without being liable for compensation. Entry packages and entry fee(s) received after the closing date will be returned subject to Rule # 15.
  • Sale Liability
    Farmfair International is not involved in the sale of the animal and acts only as a facilitator in livestock sales, with no responsibility to purchaser or consignor.

D. Judging

  • Show Regulations
    The showing of livestock will be under the jurisdiction of the association that governs that species of livestock or breed of animal. No persons other than judges, the officials and attendants holding the animals being exhibited will be allowed in the show ring during judging. Order of classes for shows will be determined by their association and show committee representative(s).
  • Time of Judging
    Farmfair International will produce show catalogues with time of show and class listings. Any entry not presented in the show ring at the time the section and class is scheduled will be disqualified.
  • Duties of the Judge
    After each section is judged, the judge shall sign all judging sheets. The clerk shall ensure these sheets are picked up and returned to the show office as soon as they are completed; failing to do so will result in the results not being calculated or published. It is the responsibility of the breed associations and or show committee to pay all judges and official fees and expenses for the breed show(s).
  • Decision of the Judges
    The decision of the judge(s) shall be the final in all cases. In cases were fraud, misrepresentation, error or collusion is discovered after placings are declared, Farmfair International or such an appointed referee or official may make the decision regarding the final placement; from those decision there will be final.
  • Animal Disqualification
    If any exhibited animal is disqualified, no animal next in line shall move up. Only in the case of the Grand Champion animals’ disqualification will advancement of the Reserve Grand Champion animal will be considered. Farmfair International Management or such an appointed official may make a decision regarding this advancement, from whose decision there will be no appeal.

E. Awards

  • Prize Money
    • Farmfair International offers prize money for the Junior Futurity Show, Commercial Bull Pen Show, Ultimate Legends, Prospect Steer & Heifer Show and the Alberta Supreme Show.
    • Farmfair International will provide $1000 cash prize money for Breed Show Division winners to a maximum of $21,000 per Breed Show.

Show divisions eligible for $1000 cash prizes are to be determined by each Breed Association and communicated through the Breed Show Representative and Breed Show Prize list. If there are any discrepancies or changes to eligibility Final decision on all prizing contributed by Farmfair International will be determined by Farmfair International Show Management.

F. Exhibitor Management

  • Livestock Vaccinations
    It is strongly recommended that all livestock arriving at Farmfair International are up to date on their vaccination protocols.

    • Cows
      Clostridial diseases (preferably 8–9-way vaccine). Be up to date and current on the viral diseases causing either respiratory disease or abortions on the bred animals. (IBR PI3 BRSV and the type 1 and type 2 BVD)
    • Calves
      Clostridial Diseases usually combined with Histophilus. These vaccines have a 7- or 8-way clostridial combined with Histophilus and given to calves twice before weaning.
      Ideally the broader respiratory coverage containing IBR PI3 BRSV BVD types 1 and 2 as well as Mannheimia for bacterial pneumonia. Vaccines containing Pasteurella Multocida also recommended. Cattle should be treated in the later fall with a dewormer and lice treatment.
    • Transportation
      To minimize stress and dehydration on the initial transport to the show, a supplement like “destress” will minimize stress and have a calming effect on the cattle. A dose is recommended going home as well.
    • General
      Take the temperature of each show animal every day to determine what normal is for each animal and to recognize changes in temperature. All animal health concerns should be directed to the official veterinarian. The Veterinarian Office is located at the back of Hall C.
  • Tampering with Livestock
    Any tampering altering or abuse may be reported to the Regulation Infraction Database, North American Livestock Show & Rodeo Managers Association and Alberta Foundation for Animal Care. As a member of the International Association of Fairs & Expositions (IAFE), Farmfair International follows IAFE National Code of Show Ring Ethics.
  • Unethical Fitting of Livestock
    Unethical fitting of livestock entered for competition is prohibited. Unethical fitting will be deemed to consists of any treatment or operation materially altering the structure or natural conformation, color, of any part of the animal’s body such as the introduction of hair or hair substitute, air, liquids, or other substances subcutaneously in any part of the body, surgical operations to correct defects, or the performance of any act or operation to exaggerate the natural composition of the animal.Farmfair International reserves the right to disqualify any animal that is found to have been fitted in an unethical manner. Exhibitors may also be disqualified with no recourse and are subject to further disciplinary action determined by the Disciplinary committee and Farmfair International Show Management Team.
  • Inhumane Treatment of Animals
    Abuse of animals in any form will not be accepted. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate disqualification of the Exhibitor with no recourse and is subject to further disciplinary action determined by the Disciplinary committee and Farmfair International Show Management Team.
  • Prohibited Substances & Drug Testing
    Animals entered in Farmfair International shall not be administered drugs other than in accordance with applicable federal and provincial laws, regulations and rules. If the drug(s) however affect the animal’s performance or appearance, the animal shall be withdrawn from showing at the event.Farmfair International reserves the right to question alteration of any animal’s physical or physiological structure. By entering an animal in a livestock show or competition the Exhibitor and/ or Participant gives consent for Farmfair International Show Management to obtain any specimens of urine, saliva, blood or tissue samples to be used in testing for prohibited substances. The Exhibitor and/ or Participant agrees that the analytical results are conclusive, without recourse to Farmfair International.

    The Exhibitor of an animal identified as having been administered a prohibited substance will be immediately disqualified with no recourse and is subject to further disciplinary action, which shall be determined by the Disciplinary committee and the Farmfair International Show Management Team.

  • Veterinary Service
    To ensure the health and safety of all beef cattle at Farmfair International, basic veterinary services will be provided free of charge for all cattle exhibitors. All treatments involving the use of drugs and/ or medications for the sole purpose of protecting the health of the animal shall be administered by the show’s official veterinarian. Charges will apply for additional services or at the discretion of the veterinarian. Services and administered drugs/ materials will be charged directly to the exhibitor by the veterinarian.The veterinarian will be on site or on call at all times during Farmfair International. In the interest of keeping a safe and healthy environment, the show veterinarian will monitor livestock through the show and if an unhealthy animal is identified, it shall be treated or dealt with by the vet or on orders from Farmfair International Show Management Team.

    Official Show Veterinarians: Dr. Roy Lewis, Westlock Veterinarian Centre
    Roy’s Cell: (403) 308-3057
    On-Call #: (780) 349-3663

  • Feeding/ Watering of Animals
    If at any time an animal at Farmfair International is identified as in need of care, Farmfair International Show Management reserves the right to feed, water, or treat the animal, at the expense of the Exhibitor if costs are incurred.
  • Drenching
    Drenching will only occur when deemed necessary by the official Farmfair International veterinarian. Drenching of the animal will only be performed by the veterinarian. Drenching for the purpose of filling an animal for show is strictly prohibited.
  • Clean Up & Removal of Manure
    Exhibitors are requested to keep aisles and surrounding areas clean. When animals are on exhibit, exhibitors, participants, or attendants are required to present their livestock in a professional manner.All exhibitors are asked to do their part in keeping the barn areas clean. If your animal drops manure in the aisles, we ask that you clean it up immediately.

    Designated manure dump areas will be located outside each livestock hall. Exhibitors are asked to bring their own wheelbarrows or carts to remove their manure from their stall areas throughout the duration of the show. It must not be piled in the aisles of the barn.

  • Bedding & Feed
    Straw is not allowed in the Edmonton Expo Centre. Initial bedding will be provided. Hay and shavings will be available for purchase through the show office.
  • Electrical Equipment
    Only CSA approved electrical appliances; wiring and extension cords are permitted on the Edmonton Expo Centre premises. Avoid placing wiring and extension cords across aisles or near wet surfaces.
  • Arrival/ Departure
    No vehicles will be allowed to enter the Edmonton Expo Centre during move-in/ move-out or otherwise. Once vehicle(s) are unloaded/ loaded, the Exhibitor(s) shall move it to the designated parking area immediately. All vehicles/ drivers must obey traffic signs and are asked to follow the directions of parking staff and attendants.
  • Admissions
    Admission fees have been eliminated
  • Parking
    A daily parking charge of $15* will be in effect each time a vehicle enters the grounds (*prices are subject to change). Each exhibiting farm will be given (1) one complimentary 4-day parking pass. If additional passes are required, Exhibitors are encouraged to purchase an exhibitor parking pass with their entries ($45 for 4 days). The pass allows unlimited access to the site at a reduced rate. Exhibitor parking passes can be also purchased in Hall C Show Office upon arrival at the Edmonton Expo Centre. Trailer and liners will unload and be directed to the designated parking area. After trucks are unloaded, they must be moved to the designated parking area.Parking in any area designated as a fire route is prohibited. Parking in any area marked as no access or as a construction site is prohibited. Illegally parked vehicles are subject to being towed to a compound at the owner’s expense. In addition, illegally parked vehicles are subject to ticketing by the City of Edmonton based on City of Edmonton parking bylaws.
  • Wash Racks
    Exhibitors are asked to respect all other exhibitors including other species when using the wash racks, Priority is given to breeds preparing for their shows on the designated day. All exhibitors will be allotted the wash rack space on a first come first serve basis.
  • Aerosol Free Zone
    Marshalling areas around the show rings are an aerosol free zone. Fitting of livestock is to be contained within the livestock stalling aisles or designated blocking chute areas.
  • Weighing
    Weighing livestock is at the discretion of Farmfair International Show Management, and the individual breeder/ breed association, for the requirements of the breed show. Weighing is required for the Prospect Steer Show.
  • Entry Numbers
    All entries in livestock classes will be assigned an entry number. Farmfair International will provide corresponding number cards for each entry. Exhibitors must visibly display the number provided on their back, when entering the ring for competition or judging. ALL exhibitors will be required to wear their numbers in a show harness.
  • Livestock Show Office Hours (Hall C Show Office)
    Show Office Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Exhibitor show packages including parking passes, show numbers, schedules and other
show information will be available for pickup at the show office upon arrival.

G. Conduct

  • Management Rights
    Farmfair International, in conjunction with breed associations, show committees, disciplinary committees, and other appointed officials reserve the right to rule on any point not covered in these General Rules and Regulations and to make any changes necessary to all lists, catalogues and schedules.Show management, staff, judges, other exhibitors, breed representatives and show officials shall be treated with courtesy, co-operation, and respect. Direct criticism or interference before, during or after the event is prohibited.
  • Protests and Penalties
    A protest of show procedure or results may be commenced by either Farmfair International or by an exhibitor only in respect to the show in which that exhibitor has entered. An exhibitor may commence a protest by submitting to the Show Office a written statement of the reasons for the protest along with a $50 non-refundable deposit within 24 hours of the representative show time. Should the appeal be upheld, the $50 deposit will be refunded. Farmfair International may initiate a protest without taking formal steps. Farmfair International shall investigate all protests and make a decision, which shall be final and binding.
  • Fraudulent Practice
    Any exhibitor, agent, or an individual who participates in a fraudulent act or who interferes with or shows disrespect to any judge, official, volunteer, staff or patron shall be subject to disciplinary action at the sole discretion of Farmfair International.
  • Dress
    All Farmfair International participants are required to dress appropriately at all times. Specific associations and/ or show dress requirements may apply.
  • Photographs
    Farmfair International reserves the right to use any and all photos taken during the show for publicity and marketing purposes.
  • Exhibitor Disqualification
    Farmfair International reserves the right to make available to other members of the North American Livestock Show and Rodeo Manager’s Association (NALSRMA) information pertinent to exhibitor disqualification. Farmfair International, in co-operation with other NALSRMA members, reserves the right to refuse entries from exhibitors who have been disqualified at other member shows.
  • Safety
    Every exhibitor shall give efficient, experience and qualified supervision to the conduct of livestock using the best skill and attention at all times with utmost regard for safety and prevention of injury to persons and damage to property.
  • Alcohol Consumption/Smoking
    Consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Edmonton Expo Centre premises is allowed in designated licensed areas. Copies of the current alcohol consumption policy are available from Farmfair International upon request. Exhibitors are to comply with the Provincial Tobacco Reduction Act which prohibits smoking in all public places. The Edmonton Expo Centre is a smoke and vape free building.

Beef Specific General Rules and Regulations

H. General

  • Disciplinary committee
    Farmfair International Show Management will appoint a Beef Disciplinary committee to assist with making decisions on beef incidents that may arise throughout the duration of Farmfair International. The decision(s) of the Beef Disciplinary committee will be final. The Disciplinary committee will consist of the Farmfair Event Manager, Beef Committee Chair and/or Beef Committee Vice Chair, and two Beef Committee Members (from breeds not involved in the conflict). The Director of Farmfair will step in if required to ensure the committee remains at an odd number.


  • Registration
    All purebred animals must be registered in their respective association/ breed registry and would be recognized under the Animal Pedigree Act of Canada for each individual breed. All entries must be registered prior to arrival to Farmfair International.All international cattle registered outside of the Animal Pedigree Act of Canada must have a valid registration and proof of such. All entries must adhere to the respective Canadian breed association guidelines for registered cattle.

    Exhibitors must have proof of registration available for inspection by the breed Association representative, or Farmfair International staff or officials. Failure to produce registration certificates in the entered exhibitors’ name may result in disqualification from the respective show.

    Each breed association shall be solely responsible to assure that its breed registration rules and bylaws are complied with and verify that all animals are eligible to compete in the class entered by the exhibitor.

  • Maximum Entries
    There is no maximum number of entries per breeding unit in any show or class, other than group classes. Farmfair International reserves the right to limit entries, Priority will be given based on the date entries are received by Farmfair International.
  • Substitutions
    All substitutions must be submitted manually on the substitution forms provided.

    • Same Class Substitutions: will be accepted until November 1, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. at a fee of $50 plus GST per substitute
    • Cross Class Substitutions: will be accepted until November 1, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. at a fee of $50 plus GST per substitute

*All substitutions must be received via email to and must adhere to the Registration and Ownership Rules and Regulations. *

  • Classes
    There is no restriction on the number of animals an exhibitor can enter into the show. Please view individual breed prize lists for limits per class.
  • Splitting of Classes
    The organizing breed association/ show committee will split the classes at their discretion. Refer to the breed prize list for more information.
  • Single Classes
    Animals are not eligible to show in more than one class in a show, except Champion classes. Calves at foot in cow-calf pair unit is eligible to be shown in its respective individual class unless otherwise stated in the breed prize list.
  • Group Classes
    All animals entered in a group class must be exhibited in their respective classes for single animals. The calf from a cow/calf pair unit is eligible to show as a single animal in group classes unless otherwise noted in the breed prize list.

    • Breeder’s Herd: A group of four animals bred by the same exhibitor, at least one animal must be owned by the exhibitor. Both sexes are to be represented.
    • Breeding Unit

In each classification where related exhibitors are involved in more than one breeding operation, such operations are considered as one breeding unit. In all cases where there is any doubt that more than one breeding unit exists, the interpretation shall be that only one breeding unit exists. The responsibility of proof of the separation of breeding units shall rest with the exhibitor(s).

  • Space Allotment
    Farmfair International, in consultation with the organizing beef committee representative, shall have full discretion to provide and assign appropriate stall space as determined by the number of panels purchased. Exhibitors must indicate at the time of registration which breed they would like to be stalled with.
  • Minimum Shows
    In order for a breed show to proceed, a minimum of 15 head of cattle and minimum of 3 exhibitors must be entered. If the minimum rules are not met, entries will automatically be entered into the All-Other Breed (AOB) Show.
  • Canadian Cattle Inspection Agency (CCIA) Ear Tags
    All cattle entering Farmfair International premises must conform to all current Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Canadian Cattle Inspection Agency (CCIA) rules and regulations regarding displaying of ear tags. All cattle entering Farmfair International must be appropriately tagged prior to leaving their original place of origin or premises of origin.
    Please refer to relevant sections of the current CFIA “Health of Animals” regulations as detailed on website: or . Alternatively, please contact CFIA at 403.292.4301 or CCIA at 1.877.909.2333 (BEEF)


  • Ribbons
    Farmfair International provides first to third place ribbons in all beef shows, as well as division Champion and Reserve Champion rosettes.
  • Banners/ Sashes
    Farmfair International provides banners or sashes for each breed show for the following titles:

    • Grand & Reserve Champion Female
    • Grand & Reserve Champion Bull
    • Premier Breeder
    • Premier Exhibitor
  • Championship Award
    Any animal that has shown in its individual class and won first within the appropriate division, shall be eligible to win the Grand Championship Breed Award or applicable for the competition.
  • Interbreed Competitions
    Interbreed Competitions are judged by a panel of judges. Prior to judging commencing, a Master Judge will be selected by random draw.In the event of a tie, the placing of the two tied animals will be reviewed. The animal with the most first places will be declared the winner. If first placing does not break the tie, the animal with the most second placings will be declared the winner.

    If the tie cannot be broken based on the number of first or second placings, the ranking by the Master Judge will be declared the winner between the tied animals.

  • Alberta Supreme Show
    One Champion Female and one Champion Bull from each Farmfair International purebred beef show and the Junior Futurity Show Champion Female will qualify to compete in the Alberta Supreme Show. This is Farmfair Internationals signature supreme show. The overall Grand Champion Bull and Female from the Lloydminster Stockade Round-Up and the Olds Fall Classic will also be eligible to compete in the Alberta Supreme Show. These animals must be entered in a Farmfair International breed show as well. These animals must meet Canadian national breed association rules for purebred classification.
  • Alberta Supreme Stakes Show
    Farmfair International, in partnership with the Lloydminster Stockade Round Up and the Olds Regional Exhibition have created the Alberta Supreme Stakes Show to encourage and recognize participation on all three cattle shows. During the Alberta Supreme Show at Farmfair International, we will announce the bull and female that accumulated the most points from these three shows and award them as the Alberta Supreme Stakes champions. They will each receive $1500.

    • Points will be awarded as follows:
      • Champions = 20 Points
      • Reserves = 10 points
  • Premier Breeder and Exhibitor Points
    • Premier Breeder – Points for this award go to the registered breeder’s unit for animals shown in single classes. A breeding unit is defined as the immediate family breeding cattle under that farm name. Joint breeders are separate entries and will be awarded separate points. To be eligible for this award, the breeders must be exhibiting in the show.
    • Premier Exhibitor – Points will be awarded to the show string exhibiting (breeding unit) from which the animals are exhibited in single classes. In the case of jointly owned animals, points will be awarded to one owner as specified prior to the show commencing. The responsibility of designating owner lies with the owners. Fitting services are not eligible.

**Points from a maximum of six head are used to calculate Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor total points.**

The following point system will be in effect:

    • Awards are based on points awarded to the first places in the single breeding classes on the following basis:
      • 1st – 6 pts
      • 2nd – 5 pts
      • 3rd – 4 pts
      • 4th – 3 pts
      • 5th- 2 pts
      • 6th – 1 pt
    • Awards will be calculated on the top six placings of each breeder’s or exhibitor’s string.
    • Grand Champion and Reserve Champion do not gain additional points.
    • In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by placing in the breeder’s herd class.
    • Points awarded to animals in joint ownership can only be given to one owner. It must be decided prior to the show which owner will receive the points.

Exhibitor Management

  • Clipping Chutes
    All exhibitors with a clipping chute will be required to purchase panel space to account for their clipping chutes if they would like to have them set-up on their non-show days. On designated show days, clipping chutes will be allowed in designated areas to be designated by Farmfair International Show Staff.
  • Tack Areas
    Tack and storage spaces for cattle exhibitors need to be accounted for when exhibitors order their panel space. No other designated tack areas are allocated for exhibitors.
  • Night Tie-outs
    All animals must tie-out each night. Each animal entered into Farmfair International will be charged $15 plus GST for Tie-Out fee. The Tie-out fee includes initial bedding and daily bedding service from Tuesday, November 8, 2022 to Friday evening, November 11th. Daily bedding service will begin after 1 p.m. We ask that exhibitors have their tie-out bed cleaned out by noon to receive this service.Tie-out space will be assigned prior to arrival by breed based on indoor stalling. Space allotted in the tie-out area is approximately three feet per animal. Larger bulls will be allocated more than three feet of space. Exhibitors bringing panels should notify Farmfair International staff prior to arrival. Exhibitors bringing panels should judge their space accordingly.

    All bulls over one year of age must be tied in tie-outs at all times with a halter and neck rope. All other cattle may be turned loose in pens in tie-out area providing the pen is safely secured and inspected by the tie-out crew. Cattle not in pens must be tied with a halter and neck rope.

    Tie-outs will be available for move-in starting noon (12 p.m.) Saturday November 5th 2022.

  • Tie-in/ Tie-out Times
    All cattle must be tied in the Edmonton Expo Centre in their assigned stalls prior to 8:00 a.m. each morning from November 9 – 12 (inclusive). No exceptions to these times will be allowed unless as required by the vet. Failure to be in assigned stalls by this time may lead to disciplinary action at the sole discretion of the Farmfair International Show Management.Exhibitors can commence nightly tie-outs at 7 p.m. each day; with the exception of Saturday, November 12, 2022, when cattle are released immediately following the conclusion of the Supreme Show.

    Breed Associations must obtain approval for early tie-outs of cattle for events such as banquets, exhibitor functions, special events, etc., by making a request at the Livestock Show Office a minimum of 24-hours prior to the event. The Farmfair International Show Management/Beef Committee will review and make a decision.

  • Stall Cards
    Exhibitors are responsible to bring their own stall cards.
  • Release of Cattle
    Exhibitors are required to keep livestock on the grounds until the conclusion of the Supreme, Saturday, November 12th, 2022. Exhibitors are not allowed to begin dismantling their displays until the Supreme has concluded. This includes stall ends, curtains, and fans. Exhibitors that do not comply with the specified time are subject to disciplinary action and could face penalties deemed necessary by Farmfair International Show Management.
  • Early Release
    In certain situations, cattle exhibitors may be granted early release status with 24-hours prior notice. Beef cattle exhibitors will require a signed Early Release Form as completed by the Farmfair International Management.
  • Stalling
    The Farmfair International Staff, designated Barn Boss and breed representative will allot stalls. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to contact the breed representative with the accurate number of cattle being brought to the show, Cow/calf pairs will be stalled as two separate animals.
    Cattle are stalled in breed, exhibitors showcasing more than one breed can request to stall all together under one breed. Exhibitors wishing to do so should indicate this when entering or contact Farmfair International Show Staff.Stalling requests can be made when submitting entries. When entering online, indicate request within comments. Please reference to any specific stalling requirements when talking to breed representative.
  • Facility Space
    If the number of livestock entries exceeds the capacity of the facility, Farmfair International reserves the right to return entries/display space.
  • Tattoos
    Breed Associations and/ or show committee will verify all tattoos to ensure it corresponds with registration certificate of the animal entered by the exhibitor/ owner. If the animal is refused entry because of an incorrect tattoo, it will not be processed or inspected again and will not be eligible to show but may remain on display only. Corrections or alterations will not be permitted at the show. Please check your tattoos prior to the show for readability and correctness.
  • Nose Rings
    ALL bulls over one year of age and older are required to have a nose ring. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Fans
    The use of floor fans in the aisles behind the cattle is prohibited.