Each November, national and international guests gather in Western Canada for two of Canada’s premier agriculture showcases, Farmfair International (FFI) in Edmonton from November 3-10 and Canadian Western Agribition in Regina from November 11-16. Farmfair International and Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) proudly host these annual events that provide the agriculture industry with a forum for sharing ideas and conducting business. In 2013, you can expect to see bigger and better international programs that will enhance Western Canada’s reputation as a leader in cattle production on the international stage.

The inbound buyer programs at FFI and CWA are designed to provide a venue for buyers and sellers to do business. Through the programs, CWA and FFI coordinate with Canadian breeders and genetics companies to support international buyers in their travel and attendance at the show. These programs offer customized support and access to specialized itineraries including a farm and industry tour day, invitations to special beef-related events and pre and post show tour support.

“One of the great benefits of the International Programs is that they bring together people from all over the world and allows you to spend a lot of time making connections with breeders from many different countries,” says Rachael Wheeler, T&R Genetics, Australia. “I look forward to an ongoing relationship with Canadian breeders and buying more genetic material in the future.”

With over 5,000 head of livestock showcased, Farmfair International and Canadian Western Agribition provide access to some of the best that the Canadian agriculture industry has to offer.

“The international popularity of these events sets the stage for Western Canada to gain world-wide recognition as an industry leader in agriculture”, says Richard L. Andersen, President and CEO of Northlands. “Through collaboration with Canadian Western Agribition, we’re building a larger contingent of international buyers, creating commerce and making it more attractive for exhibitors to attend both events,” says Andersen. “As two of Canada’s premier agricultural showcases, Northlands’ Farmfair International and Canadian Western Agribition are dedicated to enhancing the future of the agriculture industry for farmers, ranchers and cattle producers alike.”

“The international market is extremely competitive. Our events, Farmfair International and Canadian Western Agribition, set us apart from other shows in North America because of our well developed international programs,” says Marty Seymour, CEO of Canadian Western Agribition. “We roll out the red carpet for our international guests. We have the best genetics in the world, and we want international visitors to think ‘Canada’ when they are looking for beef,” says Seymour. “Working together strengthens our international efforts and improves Canada’s competitiveness.”

The strong working relationship between Farmfair International and Canadian Western Agribition is demonstrated through a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on international marketing and promotional activities to attract international buyers to both shows in 2013.

Farmfair International will be held in Edmonton, AB Canada from November 3-10, 2013. Visit www.farmfairinternational.com for more information. Canadian Western Agribition will be held in Regina, SK from November 11-16, 2013. Visit www.agribition.com for more information.