BMO Farm Family Awards

For 50 years, farm families from northern and central Alberta communities have been recognized as the recipients of the BMO Farm Family Award. The Northern and Central Agricultural Service Boards select outstanding families who best represent values of the family farm within their rural community. The award honours both their farming business practices and community involvement.

Carol Eigner Memorial Award

The Carol Eigner Memorial SAward will acknowledge a junior show person with an interest in a niche breed. Similar to Carol, the recipient of this award is a role model to many and is heavily involved in the beef industry beyond the junior level. The successful recipient will have the same level of passion Carol had for the agricultural industry.

Elaine Hiller Memorial Award

This award is to acknowledge the dedication and passion that Elaine Hiller, Show Mama, had for the beef industry and the inspiration she brought to those around her. Like Elaine, the recipient of this award is someone who is heavily involved with the beef industry, always willing to lend a helping hand and is a mentor to those who may be less experienced in the industry.

Salers Association of Canada Farmfair Award

The Salers Association of Canada is very excited to announce that the Association and some members are supporting one youth with a new award. The Salers Association of Canadas Farmfair Award will be for the amount of $1600. Priority is given to youth showing cattle at Farmfair. Age to qualify is 18-25 years old.

For more information, visit their website:

2022 SAC Criteria: Farmfair Award Criteria

Jr. Futurity Awards 2022

Exhibitors who enter and show an animal in the Jr. Futurity Commercial or the Jr. Futurity Open show will automatically have the chance to win a Jr. Futurity Award. A $1000 award will be awarded to a Sr. Exhibitor (aged 15 – 21 years) and a $500 award will be awarded to a Jr. Exhibitor (aged 9 – 14 years).

The purpose of the awards is to recognize and support youth who have committed to showcasing their livestock at Farmfair International and to help assist those youths with their educational goals.

Sheep Producers Award


Eligibility Criteria

  1. You are a member of a Northern Alberta Sheep producing family.
  2. You are either:
    1. A full-time student at an approved college, university, technical school,
    2. Because of a disability, you have “special needs” in the area of programming, services or equipment, while attending school at any grade level.
  3. You reside in the Northern Central region, north of Township 34, in the Province of Alberta, (generally an East/West line through the Town of Bowden, AB).
  4. You have a need for this award.
  5. You have not received this award on any two previous occasions.

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