Every fall, farmers, ranchers and beef producers leave the farm to make the journey to Edmonton for Farmfair International. Boasting the highest prize purse in Canada, Farmfair International offers more than $300,000 in prizing for beef programs alone. With beefed-up cattle shows and sales, international buyers and the Trade Show, Farmfair International is definitely worth the trip.

Why Farmfair International?

  • Since November 2010, Farmfair International has been a contributing partner to millions of dollars in cattle and genetics tracked sales across 13 breeds to 13 countries
  • Farmfair International boasts the highest prize purse in Canada with more than $300,000 in prizing for beef programs alone
  • Farmfair International hosts 12 breed shows with more than 15 purebred beef breeds participating
  • There are more than 1,000 head of top-quality cattle exhibited each year at Farmfair International

2023 Prize Lists:

Purebred Beef Shows

Ultimate Legends

Junior Futurity

Prosect Steer and Heifer Show

Bull Pen Show & Commercial Cattlemen’s Luncheon

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