The “Champion of the World” Competition was founded in 2012 to promote awareness, goodwill and trade between and within cattle producing countries. In 2020, there were over 1800 entries entered representing 85 countries featuring 16 breeds.

Cattle qualify for Champion of the World by winning their country’s premier breed show in each of their respective regions; North America, South America, Europe, and Asia/Africa. Judges from each region then select regional winners who then qualify to compete in the overall Champion of the World Competition. Winning Bulls are named Champion of the World and winning females are given the Miss World title.

Bos Indicus breeds and Wagyu World Champions are awarded at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo each year and the Continental and British World Champions are awarded at Farmfair International; Angus, Charolais, Galloway, Hereford, Limousin, Other Registered Breeds, Shorthorn, Simmental, and Speckle Park.

Although this awarding of World Champions is not scientific, it requires animals to be bred well, fed well, fitted well, and photographed well. The initial qualification of being a country’s premier Breed Champion ensures that it’s only quality that enters the competition.

Champion of the World

Champion of the World is hosted by The Global Cattle Market
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Champion of the World 2020

All Breeds World Supreme (Angus – Miss World)


San José del Yaguari


Farm: San José del Yaguari
Animal Owned By: Roberto J Zerbino, Lingay & Milkland
Breed: Angus
Category: All Breeds World Supreme (Angus – Miss World)
Country: Uruguay
Bio: 70 years of selecting cattle focusing the comercial cattleman.

Angus – Champion of the World


Miller Wilson Angus


Farm: Miller Wilson Angus
Animal: DMM Maximus 18G
Animal Owned By: Miller Wilson Angus & Little Willow Creek
Breed: Angus
Category: Angus – Champion of the World
Country: Canada
Bio: Miller Wilson Angus is owned by Lee and Dawn Wilson and Family located near Bashaw, Alberta, where they raise both black and red angus cattle. Embryo transfer is used heavily in their program and Lee and Dawn strongly believe in the strength of the momma cow. If you build a great cowherd, everything else will fall into place. Miller Wilson Angus is proud to export embryos, semen and live cattle worldwide.

Charolais – Miss World




Animal Owned By: Loutjie & Wilru Campher
Breed: Charolais
Category: Charolais – Miss World
Country: South Africa
Bio: Loutjie Campher and his son, Wilru, are the 5th and 6th generation on the farm, Roodekop. They have been breeding Angus cattle and SA Meat merino sheep since the 80’s. The Charolais herd was started after the drought of 2015/2016 when they bought the well-known Riccor-herd to regain cattle numbers. Besides the purebred operation they also plant maize and run a commercial cattle program.

Charolais – Champion of the World


Elder Charolais Farms


Farm: Elder Charolais Farms
Animal: Elder’s Blackjack 788B
Animal Owned By: Elder Charolais & Wilgenbusch Charolais
Breed: Charolais
Category: Charolais – Champion of the World
Country: Canada
Bio: Elder Charolais is a family run 4th generation business in south central Saskatchewan just north of the Montana border. Our slogan is simple “Return on your investment”. We pride ourselves in putting bulls into the commercial and purebred industry with this in mind. Semen has been sold globally as well as high quality females sell every year at various events in Canada.

Galloway – Miss World


Sunnybrook Farms


Farm: Sunnybrook Farms
Animal: Sunnybrook Jade
Animal Owned By: Terry & Julie Willis
Breed: Galloway
Category: Galloway – Miss World
Country: USA
Bio: Sunnybrook Farms is located in Belvidere, Illinois and owned by the Terry, Julie, Chris & Steve Willis. The farm is based around 25 proven Belted Galloway females with genetics in all 50 states. They have strived to build pedigrees over generations to consistently produce cattle that are functional and correct with adequate bone and muscle. Their motto “We don’t breed show cattle, we show breeding cattle” is very important.

Galloway – Champion of the World


Culloch Farming Co


Farm: Culloch Farming Co
Animal: Culloch Admiral
Animal Owned By: Gilbert Johnston
Breed: Galloway
Category: Galloway – Champion of the World
Country: Scotland
Bio: The Culloch belted galloway herd resides on a typical small mixed galloway hill farm, Townhead of Culloch near Dalbeattie, in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. The Johnston family have farmed here for almost 120 years. Gilbert the 4th generation to farm here and his semi retired father Brian run the 50 head herd along with 200 commercial sheep, a further 100 acres of land is rented from the RSPB.

Hereford – Miss World


Harvie Ranching


Farm: Harvie Ranching
Animal: Harvie Ms Firefly ET 35Z
Animal Owned By: Jill & Cole Harvie
Breed: Hereford
Category: Hereford – Miss World
Country: Canada

Hereford – Champion of the World


Hoffman Ranch, Stuber Herefords & Buck Cattle Company

Farm: Hoffman Ranch, Stuber Herefords & Buck Cattle Company
Animal: SR Dominate 308F ET
Animal Owned By: Hoffman Ranch, Stuber Herefords & Buck Cattle Company
Breed: Hereford
Category: Hereford – Champion of the World
Country: USA

Limousin – Miss World


La Rhone Limousins


Farm: La Rhone Limousins
Animal: La Rhone Hullabaloo
Animal Owned By: AJ du Toit
Breed: Limousin
Category: Limousin – Miss World
Country: South Africa
Bio: La Rhone Limousins was established in 2003 by Andre du Toit. The stud is run on the du Toit family’s farm, La Rhone, in the Tulbagh valley, Western Cape South Africa. Their main aim is to breed well balanced, medium framed beef animals that can produce under extensive Southern African conditions. Their genetics have a proud footprint in all 9 provinces of SA as well as 5 different countries. They have great interest for our genetics fom other parts of the world but due to FMD protocols they may not export to most major cattlebreeding countries.

Limousin – Champion of the World




Animal Owned By: Cabaña La Cotidiana SRL
Breed: Limousin
Category: Limousin – Champion of the World
Country: Argentina
Bio: Cabaña La Cotidiana SRL es una empresa familiar que desde hace 35 años se dedica a la actividad agropecuaria. Todo el trabajo que realiza lo hace por y para la Ganadería Argentina, en función de la carne vacuna. Contamos con dos establecimientos: la cabaña “La Cotidiana” para la cría de reproductores y el campo de cría y recría “Santa Isabel” de puros controlados de la Raza Limousin y Limflex.

ORB – Miss World (Gelbvieh)


Twin View Livestock


Farm: Twin View Livestock
Animal: AWB Twin View Sugar 26F
Animal Owned By: Aaron Birch & Joe Barnett
Breed: Gelbvieh
Category: ORB – Champion of the World (Gelbvieh)
Country: Canada

ORB – Champion of the World (Gelbvieh)


Twin View Livestock


Farm: Twin View Livestock
Animal: KHR Grizzly Red 39F
Animal Owned By: Aaron Birch & Joe Barnett
Breed: Gelbvieh
Category: ORB – Miss World (Gelbvieh)
Country: Canada

Shorthorn – Miss World


Santa Cecilia


Farm: Santa Cecilia
Animal: Leave Afrodita
Animal Owned By: Hector Mario Eyherabide
Breed: Shorthorn
Category: Shorthorn – Miss World
Country: Argentina
Bio: Santa Cecilia is owned by Hector Mario Eyherabide located in Trenque Lauquen, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Santa Cecilia started breeding shorthorn in 1961 and with angus in 2004. We are focused on producing cattle adapted to be raised on pasture selecting by fertility, udder, and structure. The whole family works in the cattle business to make Santa Cecilia each year better.

Shorthorn – Champion of the World


G L Riby & Son

Shorthorn Champion of the World - G L Riby & Son

Farm: G L Riby & Son
Animal: Stonehills No Limits (P)
Animal Owned By: Geoff & Christopher Riby
Breed: Shorthorn
Category: Shorthorn – Champion of the World
Country: UK
Bio: Stonehills Shorthorns is part of a family run, mixed farming operation located in Fraisthorpe, East Yorkshire. Stonehills Shorthorns was established in 2004 by Geoff and Christopher when they sold their dairy cows and were looking for a modern, functional, suckler cow. We have had great success in the show and sale ring, some highlights include our senior stock bull Elliot Bodacious winning the World Congress at the RHS in 2010, Stonehills Foxy Foxy winning the first UK Beef Shorthorn Championship at GYS in 2014 and selling Stonehills X Factor to the late Donald Biggar of the Chapleton Herd for 7,500gns. We are thrilled that Stonehills No Limits has won Shorthorn Champion of the World – we believe he is a fine example of the direction beef shorthorns should be travelling in.

Simmental – Miss World


Valley Creek Simmentals


Farm: Valley Creek Simmentals
Animal: Valley Creek Jewel
Animal Owned By: Stuart & Samantha Moeck
Breed: Simmental
Category: Simmental – Miss World
Country: Australia
Bio: VC Simmentals is located at Binda NSW, Australia & is well known through the beef industry as been at the forefront of the Simmental Seedstock Business. The stud was established by Stuart Moeck in 1999, Stuart & Samantha Moeck have successfully won many board ribbons at Royal Events. We are thrilled that Valley Creek Jewel was crowned “Simmental – Miss World”

Simmental – Champion of the World


Koelfontein Estate


Farm: Koelfontein Estate
Animal: Koelfontein Prince KFN1723
Animal Owned By: Handri Conradie
Breed: Simmental
Category: Simmental – Champion of the World
Country: South Africa
Bio: Koelfontein has been the proud heritage of 7 generations of the Conradie Family. Fruit farming is our core business. Our pears, apples, peaches, apricots and nectarines are sold locally and internationally, fresh as well as sun-dried. Our Simmentaler stud was founded in 1980. In 2016 we bought Leeupoort Bismarck. Prince was the very first calf sired by Bismarck and became 2020 Simmental COTW.

Speckle Park – Miss World


Greenwood Speckle Park


Farm: Greenwood Speckle Park
Animal: Pathfinder Cora DLE 3C
Animal Owned By: Greenwood Speckle Park
Breed: Speckle Park
Category: Speckle Park – Miss World
Country: Canada
Bio: Greenwood Speckle Park is a family owned and operated enterprise located near Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada. The Speckle Park division was established in 2017, and they continue to source top quality genetics from breed leading herds. Their goal is to produce cattle that are competitive in the show ring yet still functional and productive in the pasture. They offer quality genetics worldwide.

Speckle Park – Champion of the World




Farm: Maungahina
Animal: Maungahina Premier P203
Animal Owned By: Mark McKenzie
Breed: Speckle Park
Category: Speckle Park – Champion of the World
Country: New Zealand
Bio: Maungahina Stud was established in 1907 being the oldest Hereford Stud in New Zealand. Also, the oldest private on-farm auction in Australasia, having the 76th sale this year. Now Maungahina is managed by Mark & Melissa McKenzie, being the 5th generation on the farm. They have two on-farm bull sales; a 2yr sale in June and a yearling sale in late September with 150 bulls sold annually being both Herefords and Speckle Park.

Speckle Park were established at Maungahina in 2007, being the first to introduce them into New Zealand, with 250 head of Speckle Park cattle now. Highlights are world record price for semen $5,150 per straw for Maungahina Legacy and world record price for embryos of $6,500 per embryo, again sired by Maungahina Legacy, in both the 2020 and 2021 bull sales. Holding the New Zealand record for a Speckle Park bull sold for $35,000. They also introduced Speckle Park into the dairy industry here in New Zealand and now they are the second biggest AB breed in New Zealand. They are currently contracted to LIC selling semen and this year will reach 45,000 straws, which is growing 20% each year.

The goal when Maungahina was first established in 1907 was the same as it is today “To breed and sell quality genetics that stand the test of time, yield high returns and dominate in our client’s breeding program.”

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