Northlands Purebred Beef Spotlight for April

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This is just a selection of sales. Find many more listings at Bohrson Marketing Services, Bow Slope Shipping Association, Calgary Stockyards, DLMS Farm Gate Timed Auctions, Dryland Cattle Trading Corp., DVAuction, Innisfail Auction Market, Medicine Hat Feeding Company, OPB Cunkov, Olds Auction Mart, Perlich Bros Auction Market, Picture Butte Auction, Provost Livestock Exchange, S.A.L.E. Southern Alberta Livestock Exchange, SC Online Sales, Stettler Auction Mart, TEAM (The Electronic Auction Market), Thorsby Stockyards, Transcon Livestock Corp., and Vold, Jones & Vold.

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The University of Guelph is conducting a national study of farmer mental health until May 7.

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